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Baby I Love You

Ngoại Quốc - Tình yêu
written by Lobo

When I saw you standing there
I bout fell out my chair
And when you moved your mouth to speak
I felt the blood go to my feet.
Now it took time for me to know
what you tried so not to show
Now something in my soul just cries
I see the want in your blue eyes.
Baby, I'd love you to want me
The way that I want you
The way that it should be
Baby, you'd love me to want you
The way that I want to
If you'd only let it be.
You told yourself years ago
You'd never let your feeling show
The obligation that you made
For the title that they gave

Nguồn: vnthuquan.net
Người đăng: Thành viên
Vào ngày 25 tháng 4 năm 2005

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